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You can get all of this and so much more with Freemasonry. Here at Scinde Lodge, we'd love to help you achieve that.

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Why Freemasonry?

Today’s society seems fickle and a little shallow, don’t you think? There appears to be no commitment, no connection with our fellow man. We’re on social media or watching T.V. and have a general feeling of dissatisfaction with our purpose in life.
Freemasonry changes that for you. It offers a place where men can get away from their busy lives and be a part of something bigger than themselves. A worldwide fraternity that has been around for centuries and built around a foundation of friendship, values and charity.
So, are you looking for “something more”? To be a part of something different to the norm? Contact us today and let’s start our journey together.

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What is Freemasonry?

A quick answer is difficult to give because Freemasonry has many aspects of equal importance amongst which are fellowship, a philosophy of life, personal development, and charity.
In a nutshell it can be confidently said that:
‘Freemasonry is a brotherhood of good men meeting and working in harmony, teaching strong moral and ethical values in personal, family and community behaviour and a code of caring for others’
And it could be shortened, as one of our more well-known Freemasons, Mozart, put it: ‘Those who are working for the enlightenment and well-being of their neighbours – striving for the triumph of good’
In the never-ending quest to define Freemasonry one expression is often used: ‘Freemasonry takes good men and makes them better men'.
Our Values:
Freemasonry is founded upon principles of tolerance, care, kindness, honesty and trust. These are timeless values that are as relevant to the world today as they were 300 years ago when the organisation was formally established.
The principal aim of Freemasonry is the promotion of universal and lasting happiness for all people.


We are Scinde Lodge

Situated centrally in Napier, we are a close-knit group of men always looking to welcome new members.
We have a proud history dating back to 1858 and are renowned for our friendly demeanour towards all we meet. We have survived fires, the earthquake, and a number of wine spills. Yet, we stand strong, ready to take on what the Great Architect brings us next.
Our evenings start with dinner. The formal meeting is conducted in the Lodge Room we then return to the dining area to complete the evening. We would greatly welcome your presence at the next lodge evening.

High morals, strong values, and kind caring.

Freemasons are taught the masonic way of life through ceremonies by learning and practising the principles of caring for their members and their communities.

Be a better man

Enjoy the fellowship of a group of men who share a concern for human values and the rights of individuals, who are motivated to improve their personal lives while showing care for others.

Deep traditions

A very old and traditional fraternal organisation striving to teach a code of caring for all those in need through ceremonies and 'degrees' of learning.

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Freemasons in NZ

We are proud to be part of Freemasons New Zealand. Freemasonry in New Zealand has a rich history since the earliest settlers arrived in this country. Read more on their website.

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About Us:-

Our Lodge has a membership of around 50 members of various ages, backgrounds and occupations who enjoy the friendship, values, charity and personal development that the Lodge offers. Most members live and work in Napier or nearby.
The most senior position in the Lodge is called the Master who is supported by a group of Officers in running the Lodge and conducting the ceremonies.
Everyone has the opportunity to take office and most positions are only for one year which allows the chance for members to move on to different roles, which offers more variety and progression for those who would like to take an active role in the ceremonies and running of the Lodge. Some members may not be interested in the ceremonial aspects of Freemasonry and may instead be more interested in the charity, educational or social aspects of the Lodge, that’s fine as there’s plenty of opportunities to participate in or even help plan and coordinate charity projects helping support the community, education nights for members and visiting Freemasons or social activities for our members and their families.
There’s something for everyone within the Lodge.


How to become a Freemason.

Research is a key step when making the decision to join Freemasonry!
For every man who aspires to be a better person, Freemasonry helps you develop the knowledge and skills to be the best you can be – through a unique mix of ceremony, fresh thinking and good works in an enjoyable and supportive environment, because only Freemasonry uses long-proven principles that empower you to unlock your full potential, for a better future.

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